Clifford is a “Paddy” who came to Barbados on a visit for Christmas 1983… and never left. Now hitched to a local lady, Barbados is his home. In between sailing, playing rugby and squash Cliff managed to hold down a few jobs in a wide range of industries. Years spent selling cars, ice, paint, ice cream and lottery tickets have provided plenty of “scar tissue” to help guide the Ganzee team in growing the business in Barbados and beyond.

Denyse is a “Vincy” who came to Barbados to further her education before being swept off her feet by a local farmer. She has been with the firm since December 2000. There is no department that has not benefited from her enthusiastic and infectious “Just do it” attitude. Denyse treats Ganzee as her third child and brings all her many mothering skills to the job. She encourages the best out of the whole team and makes sure that all the shops are turned out looking bright, cheerful and fun to be with.

Andrea has been with Ganzee since 2000 – almost the beginning of time! She has morphed from her early role as data entry operator into the person in charge of all the money. Responsible for all things financial and guardian of the bank account… nothing gets done without her signature.

Sophia joined the Ganzee Gang in December 2016. After graduating from U.W.I with a B.Sc. in accounting she is well on her way to achieving a professional qualification as well. Used to tight deadlines she will fit right in to the team.

Patreeda Avonda Miandra Burnett B.Sc. Mgt. (Finance) has been on the Admin team since November 2014. Always busy, always cheerful, always with a good book close at hand. The other book Patreeda controls is the cheque book, so if we owe you money she’s the one you need to impress!

Shanese joined Ganzee in late 2015 as a Sales Associate. A year later she switched career and became part of the admin team at the head office where she has rapidly made herself indispensable. As a graduate of St. Michael’s school and with a 1st class honours in Psychology from U.W.I. she clearly has the capacity to go far. We are lucky to have her as part of the Newton Crew.

Discontinued items, missing paperwork, old inventory, expired stock, transferred pieces, obsolete goods, damaged wares, weekly stocktakes, thirteen locations. Phew !! Not a small portfolio !! June has been with Ganzee almost from the very beginning. Starting out as a heat press operator…… think ironing 300 shirts a day! After doing that for three years (or approximately 225,000 shirts later) she asked if she could try a position that allowed her to work with computers. She has now moved up the ranks to the challenging post that should come equipped with a whip to make sure we all observe the proper steps in controlling the inventory. Good luck!

Lana will be a nutritionist in her next life. Not only does she deal with all things related to payroll, medical claims, pension funds and vacations, she will also happily make recommendations on the positive (or negative) properties of the contents of your lunch box. Far more importantly, Lana is the lady who makes sure you get flowers on your anniversary and goodies on your birthday. A good person to have on your side!

20 years in the Information technology field has armed Susan with a barrifle of skills and knowledge that she brings to bear on the world of source and supply. Always smiling, totally unflappable and seriously fit; if all that has not won you over then a slice of her banana bread will surely seal the deal.

Don’t let that smile fool you ! She may look like she’s about to read you a story from your favorite book but a 20 year career in the Purchasing and Inventory Management field has helped Rosie develop a steely resolve. Finding suppliers of top quality merchandise at the right price is what makes her day. Rosie plays a major role in keeping our shops full of fresh goodies.

Vernon has been with Ganzee for even longer than Andrea and certainly more years than he is prepared to admit. When hard drives, modems, data migration and servers are mentioned most of us start to display a glazed expression. Not Vernon! This is his world. So crucial is he to the smooth operations of the business that all his vacation leave has been postponed indefinitely.

Tamara… “Miss Creativity” colours, textures, images, visuals,… all of these are hers to play with and have been since she joined our family in 2004. And the result is evident in our shops. The most vibrant, colorful and dynamic spaces in the island that just bombard the senses. Tamara’s talents make sure that when you visit a Ganzee shop, it is an experience you will never forget.

Glenda is a jewel….. and is a jewelleryist (?!?). In her Ganzee world she is responsible for all the staffing issues in all the shops. She creates all the rosters and then has to juggle her team with daily re-arrangements as persons call in sick or missing. So her phone starts ringing very early and is still ringing very late. Which does not leave a lot of time to invest in her real passion of jewellery making. Not that you’d notice … she sports a fresh pair of earrings every day.

All smiles and cheery disposition Shari is a pocket rocket who zips around all the shops making sure the displays are as full and spranksious as they should be. Equally capable on a cash register or helping customers, Shari doubles as a “super sub’ flying off at a moments notice to whichever shop is short staffed.

Kumarie, who has been with us since 2002, has one eye on the video tape, the other eye on the till roll and her third eye on the front door! Nothing can escape her vision. Her infinite patience and tremendous attention to detail make this special person ideally suited to her role. And far being perceived as an intrusion into our lives she is actually recognized as an invaluable assistant when any of the front line team have trouble reconciling their cash. “Kumarie, can you check this transaction for me?”

On the books since 2006 Beverley knows every nook & nanny and every sku we ever had. She also makes a fabulous rum punch, or so she claims, from a previous career in the F & B department at what was once Casuarina Hotel and is now Sandals Resort. A hard task master who takes no prisoners she also manages to breeze through her tough days with a happy smile.


These are the guys (and gals) that make sure the shops are always well stocked. All the items sold today should be back on the shelf within 48 hours – quite a trick! With 11 shops to support, this crew are kept “chipping” – a well-oiled Engine Room!


Daphra is “Boss” in the Grenada operation and all issues end up at her desk. Staff or stock, pricing or purchasing, she’s in charge. Elegant and engaging Daphra sets an example for all her girls on how to interact with the customers. She has been with us since the last century and all those years of experience make her an invaluable part of the Ganzee team.